I've helped hundreds of students through both one-on-one tutoring and my course. Here are some of their reviews.

"I tried Kaplan. Didn’t work. Princeton Review. Didn’t Work. Testing Solutions LLC. Didn’t work. Strategies from Student Doctor Network. Didn’t work. Strategies my friends suggested. Didn’t work. Making up my own strategies. Did. Not. Work. I was finally down to my last straw and realized that I might as well try a one-on-one tutor. I came across Gabe after googling CARS tutors and read his reviews. I decided to try him. It worked! I do not believe I could have made a better decision for CARS. Gabe’s strategy finally pointed me in the right direction. With him CARS passages AND question stems made so much more sense afterwards. I went from getting 2/5, 4/7, 3/6 questions right per passage to missing 0-1 questions per passage on average. I felt that Gabe’s strategy works because it is basic and does not have a bunch of the distracting factors that other prep companies include. It allows you to focus on key things, and it has you realize that most passages generally follow the same pattern. He teaches you not to get bogged down in all the details each paragraph throws at you. Working with Gabe lead me to finally feeling like I was in control of my CARS score. I went from blindly guessing on questions, to having a much better intuition of what the correct answer most likely was within weeks. My process of elimination skills became stronger, and my active reading skills and intuition for CARS passages improved. Gabe is calm, enthusiastic, and he listens carefully. I found his schedule to be flexible and rescheduling lessons was easy when necessary. This guy is the Yoda/Mr. Miyagi of CARS. Gabe L. Worked!"

– Ben

"This course helped tremendously when it came to improving my CARS section score. On my previous MCAT attempt, I got a 124 (50 percentile), and the same score on the reading comprehension  section on the ACT from high school. I believed my ability to read critically was fixed, and unable to improve. But later, during my second MCAT attempt, I got a 129 (95 percentile). I was very happy. I had not done well on the CARS part of my practice exams before my MCAT so I thought I was not going to do well, but I was wrong. Gabe’s strategy focuses on finding the main idea first, details later, and building speed over time by practice. Gabe realizes that different people have different approaches, so there may not be one fixed correct way, and he also emphasizes that test takers should not be slowed down by a harder exam or some harder questions. I used the note taking to train me to summarize first but then Gabe showed that it is okay to use highlighting instead of note taking and take minimal notes later on. It’s a strategy that worked for me, other test prep companies teach fixed approaches such as not highlighting or never going back to the passage, with Gabe, he teaches well and shows that this course should not be rushed, and that success is CARS is built over time. Using actual AAMC questions makes it even better, even if you have used the CARS question packs before, I would still recommend using them again with Gabe’s course. It was completely worth it. "

– Shiv

"I was desperately looking for some help to improve my scores in CARS. Before I met Gabe I was getting ~ 65% of the section correct. I tried many different test prep companies' methods and none of them worked. Few of my friends who already got into top medical schools told me to focus on Main Point/Main Idea but also failed. However, Gabe's method really works! His approach does focus on main idea but after having multiple tutoring sessions with him, I realized that I was doing it wrong all along. Now I am getting ~95% of the section correct and feel super confident about CARS. :) Also, I really enjoy working with Gabe. He is very smart, friendly, flexible on scheduling sessions and mindful of your time. Also it was very helpful to use his materials to go over homework on my own. I would highly recommend him to everyone. If you want to stop wasting money and time, and really want to nail down the CARS, he is the person to go."

– Bernadette

"I was 5.5 weeks out from my exam, and my CARS score was genuinely an anchor towards my entire score. I had done at least 400 practice passages by that point, went through Kaplan methods, Princeton Review, Jack Westin, and Khan Academy to no avail. I was so scared that i could never get my CARS score on par with my sciences, and I felt like this section was out of my control. After searching for a CARS tutor, I came across Gabe's profile, and I messaged him, not really sure if my score was able to be improved. Gabe was so friendly, and offered to schedule a session with me asap. He walked me through the passages, and helped me understand where my reasoning was incorrect. More than anything, he gave me confidence in a subject that I never thought I could have. He helped me completely revamp my technique, gave me tips, coached me to read efficiently, and helped me develop a strategy to tackle any passage. 5.5 weeks out, I was at a 124, and all I wanted was a 126. However, Gabe kept encouraging me, saying that a 128 was well within my reach. He guided me, and because of him, I was able to have my own arsenal when going in on test day. I ended up scoring a 128 on the CARS section on my MCAT, and I truly thank Gabe for all his help. He is truly the mastermind behind the CARS section. If you are struggling with the CARS section, know it is possible to improve, and definitely have Gabe as your CARS tutor!"

– Lasya

"Phenomenal, I think that the course brought me from a 503-514 [CARS score improved from 126 to 130]. It was the best investment I made during my prep. I loved the step by step guide at the beginning of the course. It helped set a foundation, while allowing me to adapt the strategy to my own style. I liked the intertwined strategy videos as they helped reinforce and help with techniques.  Fantastic."

– Carlos

"I was very hesitant about working with Gabe at first because I really needed help with CARS and was not sure if anyone could help me in my situation as I’ve tried Princeton and Kaplan and both of those companies’ strategies didn’t help me. After my first lesson and talking to Gabe I realized that he really could help me with CARS! I worked with him for a month and what he does is he first teaches you his method which is really helpful and then he helps guide you and help polish your utilization of the method by working to help analyze with you on what you need to do to improve. However, Gabe isn’t just an amazing CARS tutor but he also can help give you guidance on scheduling, some guidance on how to study for the content on the exam, and most importantly he helps prepare you mentally for the exam. During each of my lessons I spent like 5-10 minutes towards the end just talking about how I was feeling while taking practice tests or while studying and he helps you sort those feelings out and helps prepare you mentally for the exam. I took the exam recently and while I’m not sure how I did, I was really focused, calm, and in the zone during the exam and I don’t know if that would’ve been the case had it not been for Gabe helping me prepare mentally for this exam. He’s also got a really great personality and doesn’t waste your time. He’s always keeping the lesson moving forward and he’s always open to lessons. He’s also very flexible with how you want lessons to go. He never forces a structure of a lesson on you and he is willing to help you in anyway you feel you need help. Also he’s very experienced with the MCAT and fast. Like whenever I ask a question about CARS and stuff, he doesn’t waste time thinking about the answer as he has so much experience with this material that he instantly responds with an answer. Overall, a great tutor and someone to really consider if you’re struggling with CARS."

– Richard

"Wish I had found this course sooner! This course is much more affordable than any of the other popular courses out there, and yet I found it to be the most helpful.  I LOVE how Gabe breaks down the passages, and also answers the questions in detail. I love how he goes over different aspects like highlighting, time management, etc. Honestly, without this course, I am not sure what I would have done to improve my scores in CARS. I would recommend this course to any student out there preparing for the MCAT. Thank you Gabe."

– Jesca

"The CARS Mastery Course was the most helpful resource I had for the CARS section. There are so many different techniques and approaches for the CARS section that it can become overwhelming, but this course helped me focus on what techniques were best for me. Before the course, CARS was the section I struggled on the most. Now, CARS is one of my best sections. I went from 49th percentile to 95th percentile on the real MCAT after this course. My advice for those struggling with CARS is to enroll in this course and really take the time to follow along even when you think that you know how to do something because the simply steps are often easy to forget and overlook on test day. This is what separates the top scores from the mediocre scores, and this course helps you become one of those top scorers!"

– Matt

"When I was first practicing the CARS section, I was approaching the passages with no strategy. I found myself struggling to find a strategy that worked for me, and whatever it is I try seemed to show little to no improvement in my score. Gabe worked with me in doing the AAMC Question packs and his videos thoroughly explained how he approached each passage to help me extrapolate the main idea without drowning in the details or the poetic language that seemed to confuse most students. The numerous hours you will spend watching him dissect these passages will really help you notice a pattern of certain clues that you can use when reading the passage and approaching the questions by yourself. Each session we were able to talk about the difficulties I had and how I could improve my score. Overall, I would definitely recommend him if you're having difficulty in this section, as you will notice improvement even after the first couple of sessions you will have with him."

– Bisher

"Gabe's CARS Mastery Course was exactly what I was looking for. Like many others, I followed the study norms outlined by prep companies and those who have scored well on their respective MCATs. Despite adhering to these guidelines, I struggled to improve on my CARS timing and question accuracy as I found many of their strategies to be convoluted. I stumbled upon Gabe's course towards the end of my MCAT studying (about 4 weeks before the exam), and I am grateful I did as it was the streamlined approach to attacking CARS that I needed. The video lessons he provides are perfect, because they are short and to the point, which helps to keep your focus and improves your ability to hone in on the key aspects surrounding the CARS section. Furthermore, his video lessons where he walks through and breaks down real AAMC passages and questions are invaluable. The thoughts and considerations he raises in the commentary in these lessons help to teach you the language and logic behind CARS passages and questions. Prior to this course, I was regularly scoring 121-122 in the CARS section due to poor timing, strategy, and question accuracy. These scores left me seriously considering delaying my exam date until I could find a way to improve them. However, during the 4 weeks of working through the course and much passage practice, I improved to consistently scoring 126-127 on AAMC passages. In addition to this jump in my CARS score, I also saw slight improvement in the other 3 MCAT sections, as I found some of his strategies to be applicable to them as well. I would recommend Gabe's course to anyone having difficulties with the CARS section, or in general, to anyone looking for a simplified and streamlined approach to the MCAT."

– Brian

"Gabe’s course is extremely helpful. I paid the money to take an MCAT course through a third party company (won’t mention the name) and they hardly spent any time on CARS which doesn’t make sense considering a lot of science students struggle with that myself. I found out about Gabe’s course a month before my exam, and the month I had with his videos truly made a difference in my CARS score. I wish I had time to finish the whole course, but even watching half the videos made a significant difference in my score and confidence. Gabe is the only one that ACTUALLY teaches you how to master CARS on the MCAT and doesn’t beat around the bush with 'skimming and referring back' strategies that waste time. He rocks, this course is so worth it."

– Alexis

"I found the course super helpful! Gabe teaches you tricks and tips on how to tackle passages. He is very thorough with reviewing the passages and what to look for. I now understand what CARS looks for and what to watch out for. Gabe does a good job letting you know what is the right answer and why, and what is the wrong answer and why. This course is a must if you're just starting out on CARS sections. You'll get the hang of them once you do a couple listening to Gabe's reasoning! Highly recommend! "

– Josselyn

"Great CARS tutor! What makes him unique is his video explanations he provides for you, with detailed break down of each passage and how he would approach each question. The AAMC gives really bad explanations, so this really helps identify what mistakes you are making and why. Would highly recommend if your having trouble with CARS or even looking for a solid strategy to both effectively and efficiently tackle each passage!"

– Sajan

"Gabe had some very useful advice which I believe would be beneficial for timing issues for the CARS session. It definitely exceeded my expectation since I have been trying to resolve this issue for a very long time. I hope that upcoming sessions will be just as productive. Strongly recommend!"

– Keith

"The CARS Mastery course was helpful starting from the first lesson. I went into MCAT studying not knowing anything about CARS, and after only a few videos from this course, I already improved quite a lot. My MCAT is in a few days, so we’ll see how I really do, but according to practice exams, CARS is one of my strongest sections now because of the Mastery Course. This course also helped with passages from other sections such as behavioral sciences and biology. It widens your comprehension skills and allows you to think on your toes."

– Amanda

"Very good at explaining CARS questions and helps you learn the process on your own by listening to you and providing feedback on your process. Really enjoyed my lessons with him and would recommend his method to any of my friends."

– Tushar

"Gabe gives you detailed videos that break down AAMC passages step-by-step, making them easy to follow and understand. In his sessions, he goes through the questions you missed and talks through them with you while giving you tips on how to improve. If you're having trouble with CARS, this is your guy!"

– Ally

"His set up worked well and he really gives you information you can't just look up. He also provides videos and these are just as helpful because they're incredibly detailed oriented and he repeats certain concepts to really make sure you're grasping the conversation. Plus he walks you through it to help understand how best to help you rather than just answering your questions."

– Veronica

"He was very helpful in explaining the CARs section to me and working through the answers. He helped me practice and improve my score. He was available on short notice."

– Yvonne

"Gabe has been an amazing CARS tutor. In just a couple of lessons he was able to find my weak points and help me to address them. We have been using AAMC materials to help us with this and I feel that because of Gabe's help I have become a stronger reader and vastly improved in just a couple of months! I highly recommend starting with Gabe because it doesn't take very long to go from below average CARS to doing extremely well in the CARS section!"

– Aboudi

"Gabe really taught me how to approach the CARS section from a different angle. He also helped me take his ideas and personalize them so that I could develop the strategy that worked best for me! He was patient and very knowledgable on every passage that we went over. Taking a few lessons with Gabe has definitely increased my confidence on this section of the MCAT! 10/10 would recommend! "

– Lauren

"Before meeting with Gabe I was running into the CARs battle with no weapons. I tried so many methods. Nothing worked. After the first session I was already seeing a huge improvement. Gabe can identify weaknesses immediately and find multiple strategies to develop your confidence. Gabe focuses mainly on the CARs section but his strategies can also be applied to entire test! Highly Recommend ! "

– Gilbert

"The course was awesome!! I especially liked how Gabe not only provided step by step in the break down of passages and how AAMC wants you to think, but also other tips regarding timing, sentence identifiers, and etc. I only wish I have of known about his course sooner. I will definitely suggest his course to other friends who are studying for the MCAT."

– Martika